About the Foundation

Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor

“As Lieutenant Governor, I have always sought to realize the goal of a rigorous, high quality education for every child in our state. To that end, I have long embraced charter systems for the way that they unleash the innovative spirit and creative potential of each community. With schools, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and through charter systems I am confident that Georgia’s communities can bring about the best possible opportunities for our children”

Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor

Purpose (from the Bylaws):

The Charter System Foundation, Inc. was founded on the belief that meaningful change in education can occur only if principals, teachers, parents, and community partners are empowered with the authority and flexibility to make decisions at the school house level to best meet the individual needs of each student.

Georgia’s Charter Systems include a cross section of systems from the smallest and poorest rural system to a large metro system. They seek flexibility under state mandates and in turn commit to meet higher performance goals. They believe that the current “top down” model that imposes mandates and inflexibility from above must be replaced with a “bottom up” culture of flexibility, empowerment, and accountability at the school house level.

Background and Leadership

In 2007, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle enlisted the help of Senate Education Chair Dan Weber to draft the Charter System Act to afford systems across Georgia the opportunity to choose system-wide flexibility under state mandates to enable innovation at the local level.

Five years later, in 2012, the Lieutenant Governor and Senator Weber met with all sixteen charter system superintendents to propose the idea of forming a nonprofit to support the good work being done by Charter Systems. The Foundation was incorporated in February 2013 and is now qualified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The Foundation is governed board of directors comprised of seven charter system superintendents chosen by charter systems affiliated with the Foundation. Dr. Emily Lembeck (Marietta City Schools) serves as the chair and Dr. Allen McCannon serves as the vice-chair. Dan Weber serves as the Executive Director and Pam Tallmadge serves as the Executive Assistant. Ms. Tallmadge previously headed up the nonprofit foundation for DeKalb County Schools.

Current Initiatives

The Foundation supports charter systems with the following initiatives:

  • Serve as a Conduit for Innovation. Georgia’s 180 school systems operate as independent silos. The Foundation serves as a platform for superintendents to share ideas and provide mutual support. To date the Foundation has conducted many workshops throughout the year. The Foundation is building an online knowledge database and sends out a newsletter once a month, the purpose of which will be to share ideas, and important information.
  • Training for Local Boards, Superintendents, and School Governance Teams. The Foundation has assembled a team of consultants who all have firsthand experience with charter systems and to provide training for charter systems.
  • Advocacy. The Foundation works to show state policymakers that charter systems are doing good work and making meaningful change, as well as developing legislation to secure the well-being of our charter systems throughout the state.
  • Collaborate with Other Education Support Groups. The Foundation provides other education support groups with “one stop” access a cross section of systems in Georgia. Currently, the Foundation is working as a coordinating partner with the REACH Georgia scholarship program.

“Charter systems are the leaders; they are the vanguard for change in education in Georgia. But meaningful change will not happen so long as they operate as independent silos with no cross-fertilization with other systems.”       

Senator Dan Weber

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